The CRATER portable vaporizer is a discreet and durable unit that you should definitely consider for use while away from home. It has many useful features which make it one of the best dry herb vaporizers available worldwide. 

Ease of Use 

One of the best aspects of CRATER is its small and compact design and amazing ease of use, which make the CRATER a great choice for use on the go. All of the necessary steps in using CRATER are extremely easy and efficient to use, such as packing the chamber, adjusting the three heat settings, charging it, and turning it on and off quickly.

The oven can fit .3g at most, which will allow you to take about 20 draws (making it extremely efficient), and it takes only about 2 hours to charge, providing you with a full hour of usage. Additionally, the vaporizer's ergonomic design fits well in your hand, allowing for comfortable use. 

Overall, the Crater is a very convenient and healthier alternative to smoking. Its remarkable ease of use, efficiency, and stylish design make this undoubtedly an excellent vaporizer.