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CRATER products come with a 12-month warranty as standard. However, we recognise that good build quality leads to increased product life span and usage. Because of this, we want you to have total peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your purchase and should an issue arise, we want to make sure that you are supported so that you can continue vaping with ease.

To do this, we have introduced a membership option called CRATER CLUB that supports you with a Lifetime Warranty on your CRATER product. It also covers accidental damage - should your vaporizer unit ever become faulty as a result of normal usage.

In fact, with the exception of loss or theft, CRATER CLUB Lifetime Warranty is fully comprehensive offering you trouble free vaping for the lifetime of your product.

And if you’ve subscribed for at least two years, we’ll let you have any vaporizer of your choice from the CRATER range, absolutely free of charge, even if it costs more than the original item you bought.

Want to buy other CRATER products and accessories for less? No problem! We’ll also offer you a massive 20% discount on everything in our range, including vaporizers and replacement parts - should you need them.

CRATER CLUB Membership costs as little as £4.99 a month and is valid only for the duration of your subscription - you can cancel at any time.

If you have already registered your Vape, please use your PayPal email (purchase e-mail) address below or register your Vape here

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